Abounding in Love’s primary mission is to “bridge the gap” to free cleft lip and/or palate surgery for children in the Philippines.

Other organizations such as Operation Smile, Smile Train, and Rotaplast, provide the surgeries for free. However, we’ve found that for many Filipinos, especially in outlying areas, it is costly to attempt a surgical mission – and the majority are normally turned away during pre-screening. So, we “bridge the gap” by supporting Filipino kids with cleft before, during, and after surgery, to alleviate that financial burden.

Before surgery, Abounding in Love:

  • Finds Filipinos who need cleft lip/palate surgery, by visiting and communicating with the local municipalities and health organizations.
  • Gathers information about the beneficiaries and their surgical needs.
  • Conducts a home visit to assess a family’s need for other support.
  • Helps the family with nutritional and financial support, as needed.
  • Does medical pre-screenings.
  • Uses the pre-screenings to treat other health problems.
  • For beneficiaries who are ineligible due to major health problems, we either refer them to other organizations, or pay for care ourselves.

During surgery, Abounding in Love:

  • Coordinates with the organization doing the surgical mission.
  • Brings the beneficiaries to the location of the mission.
  • Provides food and lodging during the mission.

After surgery, Abounding in Love:

  • Keeps in contact with the beneficiaries.
  • Provides financial aid for those in need.
  • Helps provide follow-up care.

Every Filipino child we enroll in our program will receive a cleft lip or palate surgery, completely free of charge, unless they are medically ineligible.

Here’s a video by our friends at Operation Smile that highlights our work:

Love Breaks Down Barriers