Destroyed by Typhoon Yolanda.

Sponsors through Abounding in love built her family a new home.


He is Henry

Before surgery Henry quit school because of teasing and bullying. Henry is now attending school again and has found a few good friends.


This is Ramil

Before surgery Ramil's mother was worried about how other children reacted to Ramil's apearance. Now she has high hopes for his future.



Jeramie used to be so shy and ashamed she would always cover her mouth when she went out in public. Since the surgeryperformed in July 2013 she has a wonderful self confidence.



Before surgery Zyriel's parents were worried about how their neighbors and other children reacted to Zyriels appearance. Now they both have high hopes and confidence for her future.


About Us

About Us

There are roughly 30,000 people in the Philippines with cleft lip and palates. This congenital condition detracts from their quality of life in several ways, not the least of these is the emotional problems that stem from living with a cleft palate. Abounding in Love has a heart for giving these children a better life, even after the cleft surgery is complete.

All Abounding in Love funds go towards helping these children, none of the money is reserved for administration costs. If you would like to have an impact on these children’s lives, you can make a one time donation of any amount or please consider sponsoring a child for $38 per month.

Abounding also provides ongoing medical, educational and spiritual support after surgery. 100% of donations go directly to help these disadvantaged children.

Abounding Mission

Our primary mission is to enable children in the Philippines to receive life changing cleft lip surgery. To free the disadvantaged from the grip of poverty and despair.

To demonstrate God’s love to the poor through life changing acts of kindness such as medical treatment, child sponsorship, Education, and spiritual guidance.


Arlen Van Os

Ariah Van Os

Jorel Van Os

Jim Herrema

Keith Hoffman

Caleb Walcott

Philip Sarnicola

A Letter From Our Founder


During the first part of 2014 We built homes for 15 of our sponsored children on Bantayan Island. These families were not expecting this gift, they were overwhelmed with gratitude and joy. I remember one mother telling me with tears in her eyes that she was praying for only some scrap wood and metal so they could build a shelter. When I said we would build a house for her family she could not believe it until the carpenters started to actually lay the foundation.

I beleive that this is the kind of love that can change the world.

As of now Abounding is a tiny organization. What makes Abounding different is the personal care we take with every child, every family and every sponsor. We invite you to be connected to a child in need. You will be blessed and so will your child.


Arlen Van Os

Director, Abounding in Love