Aleyah B.
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Aleyah B.



Age: 1 Year Old
Birthday: November 23, 2014
Address: Bohol, Philippines

Aleyah is a 1-year-old child who grows up near in a dumpsite area in Ilaud, Pilar, Bohol. She is the second child out of three siblings in their family. She was luckily born with a twin sister but unfortunately, she has a unilateral complete condition while her twin sister has a normal life with no physical defects. The twin sister is very alike with each other, they were physically healthy even though they don’t have a proper way of taking nutritious food. Aleyah with her twin sister were living in a dirty place with an air pollution as well. Aleyah’s family were living with their relatives in a small nipa hut because they don’t have their own house. There are 15 members living in a small house, 7 were adults and 8 children. Their everyday life is facing a huge challenge to live and survive because her mom Mariel is just a plain housewife while her father Alberto is just a contractual construction helper who sometimes earn 200 peso per day($4) which is not a stable job and not even enough to sustain their daily needs especially for Aleyah’s situation for their vitamins and milk since Aleyah is surviving through bottled feed since she was born and until now. Because of nothingness, Aleyah takes milk which is not fit for her age, the twin sister had no vitamins because their parents can’t afford to sustain it. Despite facing poverty, their parents never lost hopes and faith to God that someday they can find someone who will help them from their poverty even just a help for their twin baby who really needs attention and support to have a productive life.

Last February 2016, Abounding in Love partnered with an organization who conducted a free surgery in Bohol, as soon as they know about it, they went to MMG/COOP Hospital to confirm the said medical mission for cleft child. Her parents were hoping that their daughter will be qualified from the screening to have a free cleft surgery, and they were grateful to Faces of Tomorrow and to Abounding in Love, through them, their dreams for their child has been possible. Aleyah received a successful cleft lip and palate surgery last February 16, 2016, it was the happiest and the unconditional feelings to them, especially for Aleyah’s mom and father. After the surgery of Aleyah, Abounding in Love assured that she and her twin sister will have a monthly support for their milk and vitamins. Aleyah’s family were very happy and can’t find words on how to thanked Abounding in Love for giving their daughters a bright future. Abounding in Love really believes that every one of us deserves to have a harmonious life, by giving a monthly support to this twin sister it is just like sharing the God’s grace to the needy one.