Diana Rose G.
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Diana Rose G.



Age: 3 Years Old
Birthday: December 17, 2012
Address: Bohol, Philippines

Diana was born in Berso, Bingag, Dauis, Bohol. She was born with cleft lip. Diana’s story really captured all of our hearts, she is 3 years old and was abandoned at birth by her parents because of her physical defects. She likes to play barbie dolls with her cousins. Sometimes she also bullied by other children due to her cleft lip but she never cry or get angry with them. The biological parents of Diana have abandoned her when she was seven months old. The real father of Diana is in prison because of being addicted to drugs. Luckily she has an Aunt who has a precious heart who adopted her and treat her as their real daughter since her real parents don’t even care for her. They are the one also who process the birth documents of Diana since her real parents didn’t document her birth that she does exist. Diana is with a wonderful and loving family because they treat her as their own. Her Uncle, Aunt, cousins, and extended family totaling of 10 people live in the same home. The adopted mom Theresa is just a housewife while her husband Rufino is a fisherman whose earning is not enough to feed their big family. The adopted parents of Diana had six siblings and the eldest one is Ann who takes care of her. Like with other parents, Diana’s aunt wanted to have her cleft repair because she doesn’t want her to be bullied again.

Last February 2016, Diana’s adopted family heard that there’s a free cleft surgery, so they went to MMG/COOP Hospital to ask if Diana can still have a surgery even though the screening was already done two days ago. They wait for the decision of the Faces of Tomorrow team and God really find ways because Diana is still qualified for free surgery even she’s a walk in patient. After hearing her life story, Abounding in Love enrolled her in the Organization and assured that she will have a monthly support, aside from that, the FOT team also said that they are willing to give also a financial support for Diana. Diana’s family felt the unconditional love from what they heard about it, they were very happy and feel blessed for the new pretty face of their love one Diana.