Jacqueline B.
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Jacqueline B.



Age: 12 Years Old
Birthday: October 17, 2003
Address: Bohol, Philippines

Jacqueline was eleven-year-old poor little girl who lives with her family in a small house in Lumbay, Pilar, Bohol. She was born with bilateral complete cleft condition, she is currently studying in grade three at Lumbay Elementary School.Like with other clefts, she experienced being bullied in the school, she always hurt and felt ashamed to all her schoolmates but still she continue studying because she wanted to have a better future eventhough their family always struggling to survive. Eversince she was born, she never experienced to have toys, she usually plays with her brothers using slippers and even an empty can as their way of having fun during leisure time because their parents can’t afford to buy them toys. Jacqueline is really a shy girl, because of her cleft she never speaks with others even in school because she was afraid to be bullied and be rejected.

Jacqueline’s mom, Joceline is a housewife while her father, Cecillo is a farmer and we can say that they’re very poor. Jacqueline has six siblings but she is the only one who born with cleft. Her parents dreamed of having their child a cleft surgery so that Jacqueline will no longer be bullied in the class, they dreamed also that someday their child will experience a normal life with no rejection from others. Though they were very poor, they still praised and have faith in God.

Last 18th of February 2016, the life of Jacqueline started to change, not just to have a free surgery but she also had a monthly support from Abounding in Love. Her family were so happy and thankful for Abounding in Love. By this, we just shared the blessings to the needy one and lighten their life in the future because Abounding in Love believes that every child deserves to have a better future.