Prince Dominic G.
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Prince Dominic G.



Age: 7 months Old
Birthday: January 6, 2016
Address: Bohol, Philippines

Prince was only one month old baby when Abounding in Love found him in Adlawan, Valencia, Bohol. He was born with the unilateral complete cleft condition. He is the youngest child out of five siblings in their family. According to his mom, she was shocked when she found out that her baby has a cleft and she felt sad and worry for her child’s situation. Prince had difficulties in feeding, his mom used dropper for him to feed properly. Prince family were just like the ordinary people who live in rural areas with no neighborhood near in their place.

Prince mom, Joan is only a housewife while his father, Renante is a construction helper who earns 250 pesos per day($4). Sometimes his father is also a motorcycle driver because a construction job is not permanent. Prince parents don’t have their own land, they just used the land of his great grandfather’s land for almost six years. His parents hoping that he will get the surgery while he is still young because they don’t want to let their child experience being bullied by other children. When his mom heard that there will be a free operation for cleft children, they randomly went to MMG/COOP Hospital expecting to have their son a surgery. After the screening that day, February 14, 2016, her son was not able to pass the screening because her son is too young to have a surgery and they were advice not to lose hope because there’s still upcoming surgery. Faces Of Tomorrow informed the Abounding in Love about this young little boy, after which, the Director of Abounding in Love gave Prince mom the assurance that he will get the surgery soon and also enrolled to Abounding program. He will receive a monthly support from Abounding starting February 2016. Prince mom was so happy and thankful to Abounding in Love for giving their child a chance to have a normal life in the future. Abounding in Love believes that all of us deserves to live in harmonious life, through these, we just start changing the life of an innocent child.