How it works?

One in three Filipinos live on less than two dollars a day, making the cost of surgery itself and the ancillary costs impossible to afford. By partnering with other organizations to perform the surgeries, Abounding in Love connects the children with doctors who give them an initial check-up.

After the initial check-up it is often found that they children suffer from malnutrition or other complications. Abounding in Love then provides these children with the medicines and proper nutrition to get them healthy enough for surgery.When the children are ready for surgery, Abounding in Love provides the family with transportation and temporary housing near the hospital. Once the surgery is performed Abounding in Love provides continuing aftercare until the child is fully recovered.

Abounding in Love believes that every child deserves a chance at a happy and productive life. By caring for the children and their families, we hope to show God’s love to the disadvantaged.



What compensation does your management receive?

None, we just enjoy helping people.

Why don't you help everyone in the Philippines who lost homes?

Yolanda has left hundreds of thousands of people homeless. We are a small ministry with a handful of field workers and no full-time administrative staff. We want to help as many people as possible, but we have started by focusing on the families in our cleft program.

What's the cleft ministry?

Our best-known program has been helping facilitate cleft lip and cleft palate repairs in the Philippines. Other wonderful organizations provide the actual surgeries for free, but many Filipinos still cannot afford to receive them due to other expenses. We bridge that gap by providing transportation, lodging, healthy food, medical checkups, and other prerequisites so that children can get the surgeries. Then we follow up by helping with education and other expenses.

If I donate, what will you do with the money?

We will use 100% of your donation to pay for helping these children and their families. We have no full-time administrative staff, and our minimal administrative expenses are being paid for by our largest donor, Serviscreen.

Donor Privacy Policy

We protect the privacy of our donors. Abounding in Love does not sell, share, or otherwise distribute our donor information to other entities for fundraising, nor do we fundraise on behalf of other entities.