Medical Mission in Bohol 2017

We are very Blessed to be partnered with “Faces of Tomorrow” for this medical mission that was held in MMG Cooperative Hospital in Bohol, Philippines on Feb. 5-11th, 2017. We had 70 patients came for screening and 52 were able to qualify for the surgery. The other patients were not able to undergo surgery this time due to either, other medical problems, or were not healthy enough for the surgery to be performed safely. Abounding’s work didn’t stop there, our next task is to help these children get to a point where they can get the surgery through assistance in medication and nutrition. Following that we will schedule them for the next upcoming Medical Mission. We usually are partnered with different organizations in order to have 5-6 Medical Missions a year.

Check out some photos of the patients during the mission. Please if you are able to make a donations…this kids need your help.

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