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Abounding in Love Inc.
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Form 990s:

Here are our Form 990s, although for far greater detail regarding on our finances, we recommend looking
at our activity statements, below.

Activity Statements


Why Are There Two Different Non-Profits? What’s Serviscreen?

Abounding in Love Inc and Abounding in Love World Foundation are separate non-profits. Abounding in Love Inc is based out of the USA. Its main goal is to fundraise so we can afford to do wonderful things. As you can see above, Abounding in Love Inc sends most of that money to Abounding in Love World Foundation in the Philippines, although some money is spent directly on things like fundraising, mission trips, and aid materials. Abounding in Love World Foundation has a small paid staff in the Philippines,
and is entirely focused on executing charitable programs such as our cleft palate missions. It performs no fundraising.

The two organizations work together, of course, but they are distinct entities with separate staff, Boards, finances, etc. Each non-profit is a registered in its respective country.

Serviscreen is a small company in Jenison, Michigan, majority owned by Abounding in Love Inc’s founders, Arlen and Ariah Van Os. It is Abounding in Love’s largest donor, and pays all of Abounding in Love Inc’s modest administration costs.

If I Make a Donation, Where Does the Money Go?

100% of your donation will be used by Abounding in Love World Foundation to help Filipinos. None will be spent on our fundraising or administrative costs. Those are being paid by Serviscreen, our largest donor.

Donor Privacy Policy

We protect the privacy of our donors. Abounding in Love does not sell, share, or otherwise distribute our donor information to other entities for fundraising, nor do we fund raise on behalf of other entities.


  • Arlen Van Os
  • Ariah Van Os
  • Jorel Van Os
  • Jim Herrema
  • Keith Hoffman
  • Caleb Walcott
  • Philip Sarnicola