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John Mark

John Mark


Age: 4

Condition: Cleft Lip


John was born with a Unilateral Complete cleft when Abounding in Love first saw him. He was only one month old then. Unfortunately, his family is impoverished and living in poverty. They reside in a small wooden house near the Dumpsite area in Inayawan, Cebu. Their lives are surrounded by garbage and air pollution.

John's parents are both garbage scavengers in the dumpsite as it is the only way they can earn a living out of scraps and plastic they get from the dumpsite. John is the youngest of four children of his mom, and two of his siblings are half-sisters.


Due to hard times, his mom is very weak and thin, and his father does the scavenging job. John is currently bottle-fed, but his family cannot afford good formula milk. They are giving him a cheap formula that lacks nutrients for the baby. As a result, John is very malnourished and sickly.


Fortunately, John was referred to Abounding in Love by Nancy from the CIGC Foundation, who resides in Inayawan near John's house. After learning about their situation, John now has monthly milk and vitamins support.  His family is grateful for the help they received.


John's scheduled lip surgery on a medical mission was canceled multiple times due to his respiratory problems. Despite this setback, his family remains optimistic that he can have his lip repaired in June 2024.


By supporting this cause, you can help children like John overcome their challenges and lead fulfilling lives.

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    Please be aware that the children enrolled medical missions always have the possibility of changing. It is not uncommon for children to be deemed ineligible for surgery due to other health issues. If this occurs with a child you are sponsoring, we will substitute another child in their place and notify you via email.

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