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We are excited to announce an upcoming medical mission that promises to bring transformative smiles to the faces of children with cleft lip and palate. Operation Smile Philippines, in collaboration with our foundation, is leading a life-changing cleft surgical mission from September 16 to 22, 2023 at Cebu City Medical Center.


Families and individuals are invited to participate in this event. Whether you are donating your time, resources, or support, your involvement will have a huge impact on making a difference in the lives of these young people. Together, we will create a world where every child’s smile shines and their dreams know no limits.

In the Philippines, over 4,000 children are born with cleft lip and/or palate every year.

Abounding in Love believes that free surgery should be attainable for all who need it.

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Many Filipino children with unrepaired cleft are from extremely poor families.


Although there are organizations that provide free cleft lip and palate surgery, it's still a huge financial risk for a family living on less than $5 per day. This is not only due to travel expenses but also because their children are regularly denied surgery due to malnutrition or other health conditions. These barriers prevent thousands of children from getting the life-changing surgery they need.

Cleft lip/palate in the Philippines is a problem. Free surgery is the solution. Abounding in Love exists to fill the gap between them.

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What We Do

1. We Find Children with Cleft

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Our staff in the Philippines travels to municipal offices, clinics, and tiny “barangay” (neighborhood) authorities, to find children who need cleft lip or cleft palate surgery. Then we visit the family, talk to them, and discuss and document their needs.

“Abounding in Love provides transportation, lodging, healthy food, medical checkups, and other prerequisites for impoverished people affected by cleft so they can receive free, safe surgeries provided by organizations like Operation Smile”


-Operation Smile, Love Breaks Down Barriers

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