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Medical Missions

Abounding in Love actively participates in medical missions that provide free cleft lip and palate surgery to children in the Philippines. Our charity pays for all of the expenses, which eliminates the financial burden on families who are struggling financially. Below is a summary of the medical missions we've been a part of since 2023. For more detailed information about our work, please view our Program Summary.

Faces of Tomorrow Surgical Mission

February 11 - February 17, 2024

In our first medical mission of the year, we renewed our collaboration with Faces of Tomorrow in Bohol. We take great pride in commemorating the transformation of 31 beneficiaries whose lives were profoundly impacted through surgery, culminating in a total of 56 procedures successfully performed, addressing 24 cases of cleft palate and 7 cases of cleft lips. The mission took place at Gov. Celestino Gallares Memorial Medical Center, where our organization ensured the provision of lodging, food, transportation, and other essential needs for the children throughout the mission.

ROSAS Cleft Lip & Palate Mission

November 13- November 19, 2023

In our last medical mission this year, we once again partnered with the Rotary Club of Cebu for the Rotary Operation Share A Smile (ROSAS) Medical Mission 2023 at the VisayasMed Hospital. This collaboration enabled Abounding in Love to register more than 30 children, with 24 of them successfully undergoing surgery. Among these, eight cases involved cleft lip, while the remaining 16 underwent cleft palate surgeries. Abounding in Love remains unwavering in consistently addressing every child's needs, encompassing food, accommodation, transportation, and all other essential requirements vital for their complete recovery, ensuring a secure operation and smooth recovery. Thanks to your support we were able to accomplish this. Also, This year, we extended our impact by partnering with student volunteers from Cebu Doctors' University Biology Department and University of Southern Philippines Foundation Social Work Interns, enhancing our collective efforts to make a positive difference in the lives of these children.