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Our Mission

In its broadest form, our mission is to free disadvantaged people from the grip of poverty and despair with life-changing acts of kindness, such as medical treatment, child sponsorships, education, and building projects.

Our Mission Anchor
A Filipino toddler living in povery

Specific Objectives

  1. Help Filipino children receive free cleft lip and palate surgery by partnering with other organizations and medical missions.

  2. Provide free, ongoing medical and financial support to impoverished people in the Philippines so they can receive medical checkups and prevent serious illnesses and/or eliminate unnecessary suffering.

  3. Make referrals to doctors, medical specialists, and hospitals on behalf of children and adults who need immediate medical care.

  4. Provide nutritious food to disadvantaged people to promote good health and well-being.

  5. Provide safe shelter and disaster relief for families who have been victims of calamities like typhoons, earthquakes, or fires.

  6. Provide educational support to disadvantaged individuals.

The Problem and the Solution

There are roughly 30,000 people in the Philippines with cleft lip and cleft palate. To make matters worse, 1 in 3 Filipinos lives on less than 150 pesos a day, making the cost of surgery (and the ancillary expenses) impossible to afford.

Thankfully, there are some fantastic organizations out there, like Operation SmileRotaplast International, Smile Train, and Faces of Tomorrow, that provide free cleft lip and palate surgery in the Philippines. Still, many cannot afford to receive them due to all the other expenses. It is also a huge financial risk since the children are often denied surgery due to malnutrition and/or other medical conditions.

Abounding in Love “fills the gap” by providing transportation/fare, lodging, food, medical checkups, and other prerequisites so that the surgeries are totally free for the families. If the children are not healthy enough for surgery, we supply medicine and proper nutrition to ensure that they’re ready for the next mission. 

After the surgery has been performed, we continue to support these children and follow up on their health conditions until they’ve fully recovered. Even then, we don’t consider the mission completed. In the years to follow, we assist these children in their health and education and help their families with other expenses.

A cartoon graphic showing 2 children in need of free cleft lip and palate surgery

Abounding in Love believes that every child deserves a chance at a happy and productive life. By caring for the children and their families, we hope to show God’s love to the disadvantaged.

Check out our Program Summary to see how we're actively making a difference in people's lives.

Problem and Solution
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