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Program Summary

The following is a summary of our accomplished projects and ongoing activities. We are always seeking out disadvantaged children, teens, and even adults to whom we can provide medical, financial, and nutritional support (with priority to those who need free cleft lip and palate surgery). As of now, our nonprofit organization focuses exclusively on the Philippines, but we hope to extend our reach to other countries in the future.


  • [January 8 – 14] Our 4th medical mission with the Faces of Tomorrow Team took place at GCGMMC in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. A total of 88 children were screened, and 52 received free cleft lip or palate surgery. Our charity provided each beneficiary with free transportation, food, toys, and accommodation during the medical mission..


  • [February 19 - March 3] We had our 7th partnership with Rotaplast International and the Rotary Club of Cebu Port Centre for a medical mission at Adventist Hospital. Abounding in Love brought 81 children with cleft lip and palate, 62 of which passed the screening and received free cleft lip or palate surgery. As usual, our charity provided the children and their families with free transportation, food, toys, and lodging during the mission.



  • [January 9 - 16] Our first Typhoon Odette rebuilding project was for the Galange Family. They are very poor and previously lived in a tiny house made of light materials; it was completely destroyed when the typhoon hit Cebu. The Abounding team worked fast to construct a much stronger home for the family. The entire project was completed within a week.

  • [January 24 – February 2] We built a new house for the Tañajura family. This family of 9 had been living in a tiny house made out of scrap, which was incapable of enduring the typhoon in December. The new home is much stronger and offers considerably more room for the large family. Our hardworking team managed to complete this project in just over a week.

A family in the Philippines standing by their house which was damaged by Typhoon Odette
  • [February 7 – 10] The Abounding in Love team did several repairs for the Olpos and Villahermosa families. Although their houses were left standing after the typhoon, they suffered severe damage to their roofs, walls, flooring, etc. All of the repairs were completed within 4 days.


  • [February 21 – 27] Abounding in Love built a new home for a 69-year-old woman named Narcisa, who also lives with her grandson and his family. A significant portion of their house was totally washed out by Typhoon Odette in December, and they have been unable to recover due to financial difficulties (the entire household lives on less than $6 a day).


  • [March 21] We had our culminating program for Computer Class Batch VII. 36 students completed this training: 3 in Basic Photoshop, 8 in PowerPoint, and 25 in Microsoft Word. We gave away prizes to the top performers and provided everyone with a packed lunch.​

  • [June 18] The Abounding staff conducted a Feeding Program for the children in Yati, Liloan Cebu with the theme “Uplifting Young Spirits.” We provided Chicken Arrozcaldo for over 60 children, and it was thoroughly enjoyed! We are always elated to help the community, even in small ways like this.​

  • [July 6 – 11] We repaired another home in Compostela, Cebu. The house is owned by Willia, one of our many beneficiaries that were affected by Typhoon Odette last December 2021. Over 6 months had passed before their home still wasn’t fixed, but with the help of Willa's sponsor, her family can now sleep without worries. Our team installed new GI sheets and lumber on their damaged roof and replaced the old bamboo matting (walls) with plywood.​

A young girl in the Philippines eating Chicken Arrozcaldo, as part of the 2022 Abounding in Love Feeding program.
  • [July 16] Abounding in Love hosted another Feeding program in support of the Nutrition Month Celebration. The theme was "New Normal na Nutrisyon, Sama-samang gawan ng solusyon!" 75 children in Back Yes, Yati Liloan were served with pork steamed rice with vegetables.​

  • [August 1] We had our Batch 8 Culminating Program. A total of 46 students completed the training: 35 in Microsoft Word, 2 in PowerPoint, and 9 in Excel. Abounding provided them with a packed lunch; also, since school is about to start this month, we gave school supplies to the students as a reward for their hard work to learn.

  • [September 18 – 24] Our first medical mission since the start of the pandemic is a partnership with Rotary Operation Share a Smile (ROSAS) at Adventist hospital, hosted by the Rotary Club of Cebu. Abounding brought 39 children with cleft lip and palate to this mission; however, only 22 of these children qualified for surgery. As usual, we covered all their expenses, including transportation, meals, and lodging. This was the first medical mission that has ever been fully funded by our supporters; we were truly overwhelmed by their kindness and generosity.

  • [October 9 – 16] Our second medical mission of 2022 was another partnership with Operation Smile and MSY Foundation. Abounding hosted 45 children with cleft lip and palate, but only 33 children qualified and had surgery by the Operation Smile medical team. Abounding in Love provided free transportation, food, accommodation, and other expenses during the mission.

  • [December] Abounding in Love had their 2022 Christmas Giving event. Over 100 children received gifts, 10 kilos of rice, toys, and cash gifts (to selected beneficiaries).


  • [January 21 - February 17] Abounding built a new home for Harde and his family. Harde is one of our beneficiaries who was born with cleft lip and cleft palate. On the morning of New Day’s Day, Harde’s home burned down. The cause of the fire is still unknown. Fortunately, no one was hurt during the incident, but the family lost everything. We had a fundraiser which raised over $5000 to build them a new and better home, and also provide them with other things they needed.

A cleft lip charity building a house for a family in the Philippines
  • [March 5] We had our culminating program for the computer class Batch V from the period of October 2020 to February 2021.  There were 31 students in total who completed the training: 6 students in Photoshop, 6 in Gmail, 3 in PowerPoint, and 16 in Microsoft Word. We also distributed prizes to the students who excelled in the training and provided packed lunches for the students.

  • Due to COVID-19, we are still unable to resume our cleft lip and palate medical missions. Despite this, our charity has been contributing in other ways, such as providing educational support to children in Yati, Liloan. Following the new normal setup, we’re offering free, ongoing computer training to the children in Yati. The training includes Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Gmail, and Photoshop. We’re also providing guitar lessons for some of the children.

  • We had another collaboration with the Local Government Unit of the Liloan Municipality for their Alternative Learning Skills (ALS) program, which provides free livelihood training to the community of Liloan. Currently, 14 people are participating in Electrical Training (15 days), 9 participants in Soap Making (5 days), and 7 participants in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Training (5 days). During these training periods, Abounding is providing all of the materials for the participants.

  • [April 14] With the help of Let it Echo and Rotary Club of Cebu, one of our cleft beneficiaries who had a heart condition, James Rey, was able to get free surgery at Delos Santos Medical Center Quezon City. We covered their expenses during their 10-day stay in Manila and are continuing to pay for James Rey’s medicine and ongoing treatment.

  • [May 10 - 24] We had an online fundraising campaign (through GoFundMe) for Jane and her family. The donations were used to make some considerable improvements to their home/living conditions. The family will also get a year of financial support, which includes covering their electric bill (an expense they were unable to afford). Jane’s future medical mission has also been fully funded. We’re all crossing our fingers in hopes that this will occur later in the year (all cleft missions have been temporarily suspended due to COVID-19).

3 poor Filipino children enjoying a care package of food, donated from a charity
  • [June 2 - 11] We found another child, Noel, who needed medical help. He is from Cagayan De Oro and is 14 years old and. Noel was diagnosed with a brain tumor and severe hydrocephalus. Abounding in Love covered his laboratory and hospitalization expenses. But, due to his severe health condition, Noel is ineligible to receive surgery, so he was discharged from the hospital as his doctor advised. Our charity is continuing to help Noel with his ongoing medications and also providing nutritional support.

  • [August 7] Following James Rey’s successful heart surgery in April, we found a local plastic surgeon (Dr. Senerpida) who offered to perform the cleft lip surgery for free. All we needed to do was cover the hospital bill and laboratory fees. We launched an online fundraising campaign to help cover those expenses. For 8 years, James waited patiently for this operation, and on August 7, his long wait finally ended. His successful cleft lip surgery took place at Perpetual Succour Hospital. The family was so happy and thankful.

  • [September 24] In another collaboration with Dr. Senerpida, Jane received her long-overdue cleft lip surgery at Perpetual Succor Hospital. Because of the pandemic, medical missions are still impossible, but Abounding in Love is still finding ways to help children receive surgery for free. We are extremely thankful to Dr. Senerpida for his dedication to helping children with cleft lip and palate and offering his services free of charge. We will only need to cover the hospital bill and laboratory fees. Since these expenses are considerably higher than standard medical missions, we will only be able to help 1 - 2 children with cleft lip/palate every month. This, of course, will change once the regular missions resume.​

A young Filipino child with his family after receiving free cleft lip surgery
  • [December 3] We were able to help another cleft beneficiary receive surgery. Ryle (3 years old) had been rejected many times in medical missions due to poor health conditions. With the help of Dr. Alain Senerpida and support from Abounding in Love, Ryle finally received his long-awaited  cleft lip and cleft palate surgery.

  • [December 7 – 15] Abounding had their annual Christmas giving program. A total of 125 families received gifts, a pack of Christmas spaghetti bundles, 5 kilos of rice, toys, and cash gifts (to selected beneficiaries). 

  • [December 23 - 30] Following the devastation of Typhoon Odette on December 16, Abounding has been actively doing disaster relief operations for those who were affected. We set up free charging stations that were available to the public while the power was down. We also distributed 150 relief packs (egg trays and boxes of brownies) to families in Purok Kamansi, Yati Liloan; and on December 30, another 150 relief packs were distributed to families in Liloan.



  • [May] Due to the spread of COVID-19 worldwide, our cleft lip and cleft palate surgery missions were canceled this year. Despite that, we did not stop helping other people. In May, we provided cash assistance to selected beneficiaries in need. We were also able to provide food packs (rice and other groceries) to 100 families in Yati, Liloan.

  • We were able to extend our educational help to selected children in Barangay Yati, Liloan. We are providing them with free basic computer training.

  • Our mission to the Filipino people remains unchanged. We are still actively searching for disadvantaged children, teens, and even adults to whom we can provide medical and financial support (with priority to those who need free cleft lip and cleft palate surgery).​

  • Abounding recently distributed flyers and posters in selected barangays and health centers. They contain information on free medical missions that we plan on conducting as soon as we’re able.

  • [October 1 - November 7] We helped build a new home for the Agullo family in Talisay, Cebu. 4 families (18 people total) were living in a small house that was in very poor condition. Due to their financial situations, building a better house would have been impossible for them. Thankfully, they now have a safe and comfortable place to call home. This is the 19th house that Abounding has built for a family in the Philippines.

Rebuilding a house for a poor family in the Philippines
  • [December] We hosted another Christmas giving program, distributing toys, cash, and 10 kilos of rice to 105 children and families in Pardo, Yati, and Bantayan Island. Since mass gatherings are still not allowed, we formed smalls groups to distribute the gifts, as well as cake and ice cream.



  • [February 16 – 22] In another collaboration with Operation Smile and MSY Foundation, Abounding hosted a group of 57 children with cleft lip and palate impairment. 35 of them qualified and received surgery for free.

  • [February 12 - 27] Abounding in Love collaborated with the Local Government Unit of the Liloan Municipality for their Alternative Learning Skills (ALS) program, a free livelihood training for the community of Liloan. Reflexology training was held at the Abounding facility where we hosted 15 participants and provided them with materials.

Mothers holding their children after a cleft lip surgical mission
  • [March 8 - 23] Another free livelihood training program (Bread and Pastry Training) was offered by ALS LGU of Liloan Municipality. 15 people participated. We hosted the event at the Abounding facility and provided the bread and pastry ingredients for all participants.

  • [May 7 – 23] A Culinary and Soap Making training program was offered by ALS LGU of Liloan Municipality. Over 20 people participated. We hosted the event at the Abounding facility and provided the ingredients and other materials for all participants.

  • [May 16 - June 11] In another collaboration of ALS LGU of Liloan Municipality, Refrigeration and Air Condition training was conducted at the Abounding Facility. Over 10 people participated. Abounding also provided materials for each participant.​

  • [May] Abounding helped a 7-year-old girl from Bantayan Island. She was suffering from severe malnutrition and anemia and we were able to assist with hospitalization, medicines, and ongoing treatment.​

  • In a partnership with another nonprofit organization, Faces of Tomorrow, we were happy to help 55 children receive free cleft lip and palate surgery (in Tagbilaran City, Bohol). Abounding provided each beneficiary with transportation, food, toys, and accommodation during the medical mission.

Father smiling while holding son who just got cleft lip surgery
  • [July] Abounding helped 6 children in Bohol that needed dental checkups, dental treatment, and dentures.

  • [September 25 - October 5] During a mission at Adventist hospital, Abounding hosted 75 children and their parents. We provided them with transportation, lodging, food, and medicines prior to their surgeries. 60 of these children qualified and received free cleft lip and palate operations. This mission was another partnership with Rotaplast International and the Rotary Club Cebu Port Centre.

  • [November] During another partnership with Rotary Operation Share A Smile (ROSAS) and the Rotary Club of Cebu, Abounding hosted 41 children with cleft lip and cleft palate impairment. As usual, we gave them free transportation, meals, and lodging. 26 of these children qualified and received free surgery from the ROSAS medical team.

  • [December] We hosted our annual Christmas giving program, distributing toys and 5 kilos of rice to 330 children and families in Bantayan Island and Yati, Liloan.

Surgeons operating on a child with cleft lip
  • [December] Our charity has already enlisted a total of 743 children with cleft lip and palate conditions. We also had 28 disadvantaged children who needed immediate medical care and were referred to participating specialists or surgeons.

A cleft nonprofit organization hosting a Christmas party for children in the Philippines


  • [February] We had successful back-to-back missions in Cebu and Bohol with 2 other cleft nonprofit organizations, Operation Smile and Faces of Tomorrow. 46 of our beneficiaries received free cleft lip and palate surgery in Cebu with Operation Smile, as well as 55 beneficiaries in Bohol with the Faces of Tomorrow medical team. 

  • [May 29] Abounding participated in the Feeding Program during Brigada Eskwela 2018. It was held at Panangban Elementary School, Panangban, Compostela Cebu.

Filipino child with a repaired cleft lip
  • [July 5 - 7] We had another partnership with the Filipino-Chinese Friendly Medical Mission team (also in partnership with MSY Foundation) at Cebu North General Hospital. Abounding hosted a total of 30 children with cleft lip and palate conditions. We also provided accommodation, entertainment, transportation, and food during that mission.

  • [September 30 - October 12] During the annual Rotaplast International medical mission at Adventist Hospital (also in partnership with Rotary Club of Cebu), our charity hosted a group of 78 children with cleft lip and palate. 65 of them qualified and received successful operations.

  • [December] We conducted our annual Christmas giving program. 192 beneficiaries were given toys, 10 kilos of rice, and cash gifts (given to selected families in need).

Beneficiaries of a cleft nonprofit organization in the Philippines