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Typhoon Odette (Rai) Relief Fundraiser


Abounding in Love is primarily known as a charity that assists Filipino children in need of cleft lip and palate surgery, but our mission extends far beyond that. We seek to free disadvantaged people from the grips of poverty and despair with life-changing acts of kindness. Following the devastation of Super Typhoon Odette, we feel it's our responsibility to help those who were affected.

A house in the Philippines destroyed by Typhoon Odette

The Storm & the Aftermath

Typhoon Odette ripped through the Philippines on December 16 with wind speeds of up to 160mph. It claimed over 400 lives and left thousands homeless. The damage estimates currently exceed $1.02 billion, making it the second-costliest storm in Philippine history.

The typhoon passed directly over our facility in Cebu and many of the families we support lost their homes completely or, at the very least, suffered severe damage to their modest houses. Some of them lost everything, even worse, they lack the resources to recover from the devastation.

A young girl in the Philippines before and after receiving free cleft lip surgery.
This is Ryzel. Abounding in Love helped her get free cleft lip surgery in 2019. Her home in the Philippines was completely destroyed by Typhoon Odette.

A house in the Philippines before and after Typhoon Odette
Ryzel's home before and after the storm.

Our Mission

We are asking for your support with our relief efforts. We are actively providing food, water, shelter, and financial assistance to the survivors. We will also be constructing small, strong homes to replace those that were lost. In short, we’re giving hope to the hopeless. No one deserves to start the new year this way…but we have an opportunity to change that. I like to think that we’ve all got a little hope to share.

A home built by a cleft lip charity after Typhoon Yolanda in 2013
One of the houses built by Abounding in Love after Typhoon Yolanda (2013)

As some of you already know, this is not our first disaster relief mission. When Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines in 2013, Abounding in Love built 16 new houses for low-income families in need.

We also built a new house for Harde and his family after a tragic fire on New Year’s Day (2021). You can read the full story HERE.

We have an experienced team, we have the tools, and we have a purpose…the only thing lacking is funding.

Homes built by Abounding in Love after Typhoon Yolanda

The Typhoon Odette Fundraiser

A graph showing the expenses for a Typhoon Odette fundraiser

Abounding in Love is a very small non-profit organization and we can’t do this alone. Please join us on this mission. You can click the link below to visit our fundraiser page on GoFundMe. Please note that we NEVER recoup any administrative costs from our donors; every dollar is too important.

If you are unable to contribute financially, you can still help by spreading the word to friends, family, and co-workers. Seriously, that would be amazing! The only way we can make this happen is if we all work together.


Photo Galleries & Updates


December 16 - 26

The following pictures were taken when we visited some of our beneficiaries after the typhoon.


December 20

Abounding set up free charging stations that will be available to the public while the power is down.


December 23

We distributed 150 egg trays and 150 boxes of brownies to 150 families in Purok Kamansi, Yati Liloan.


December 30

Another 150 relief packs were distributed to 150 families in Purok Kamansi, Yati, Liloan. Big thanks to our donors, Katie and Nathaniel Eerdmans, for donating 200 kilos of rice and 150 packs of pancit bihon.


January 9 - 13

We began our first rebuilding project following the devastation of Typhoon Odette. The Galange family is very poor and previously lived in a tiny house made of light materials; it was completely destroyed when the typhoon hit Cebu. In the days to follow, they were forced to live in a small shelter which they made out of scrap material. The Abounding team will be constructing a stronger home for this family, which we hope to finish within a week. The foundation, framing, and roof have already been completed.


January 14 - 16

We are pleased to inform you that the first house is now complete! Thanks to our construction team and generous donors, the Galange family once again has a place to call home. This is only the beginning! We are still asking for donations so we can build more houses for those severely affected by the typhoon.


January 24

We’ve just started building house #2. The Tañajura family previously had a total of 9 people living in a tiny house made out of scrap materials (destroyed by Typhoon Odette). The new house will be 5x7 meters and the construction team hopes to complete the project within two weeks.


January 27

Day 3 working on the new Tañajura family home. The roof has been installed and the flooring is now complete. Much appreciation to our hardworking team for putting in the extra effort with this house; they’re making great progress.


January 28 - 30

House #2 is almost complete and the Tañajura family is very excited to move in. The walls and kitchen flooring are now finished. Tomorrow, they will work on the windows, door, and finish painting.


January 31 - February 2

The new Tañajura family home is finally done! Our sincere thanks to the workers who managed to complete this project in only 8 days, and thanks to all of you for your support. We still have plenty of work ahead of us though. Please visit our fundraiser if you’d like to make a donation, or contact us to learn about other ways you can get involved.


February 7 - 10

Our team managed to complete several home repairs for the Olpos family and Villahermosa family in just 4 days. Much appreciation to everyone who donated; it is because of you that we’ve been able to keep this mission going.


February 21

We just began our newest construction project. It is for a 69-year-old woman named Narcisa, who also lives with her grandson and his family. A significant portion of their house was totally washed out by Typhoon Odette in December. They have been unable to recover due to financial difficulties (the entire household lives on less than $6 a day). Today, the Abounding team worked on the foundation and layout for their new home.