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Clark Niño

Clark Niño


Age: 1

Condition: Cleft Lip


If there is one thing that terrifies parents the most, it is seeing their child in distress. When Roberth and Amelyn discovered that their child was born with a Unilateral Complete Cleft condition, they knew that a difficult road lay ahead of them. They named him Clark, after the famous superhero from Superman, and like him, he fought the odds to bring joy to his parent's life. 


Clark's parents were unaware of his cleft condition until birth. They felt unprepared and anxious. Fortunately, the hospital staff informed them of organizations dedicated to helping children with cleft.


Despite the high cost of surgery, Clark's parents knew they had to raise funds for his nutritional needs and other expenses. After finding our Facebook page, our team visited their riverside home, where we met the little hero. The family had to start from scratch after Typhoon Odette damaged their home but put rebuilding on hold to prioritize Clark's cleft surgery.


In the February 2024 medical mission, Clark passed the screening and was scheduled for surgery. Unfortunately, he was later canceled due to asthma and cough. His parents were excited at first but turned dismayed and saddened by the cancellation. However, they did not lose hope and hope that Clark would receive the surgery he needed during the June 2024 medical mission with Operation Rainbow. 


Your donation would cover Clark's expenses during the June 2024 medical mission, an experience that will likely change his life forever.

  • Note

    For your privacy, all sponsors are anonymous by default; however, we would love to give credit where it’s due! If you or the organization you represent would like recognition for your donation, please leave a note at checkout or send us a message.

  • List Changes

    Please be aware that the children enrolled in medical missions always have the possibility of changing. It is not uncommon for children to be deemed ineligible for surgery due to other health issues. If this occurs with a child you are sponsoring, we will substitute another child in their place and notify you via email.

  • Digital Download

    Sponsors will receive a download link after checking out. This is just a simple thank you letter with a picture of your sponsee.

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