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Age: 1

Condition: Cleft Palate


Abounding in Love met baby Geo when he was only six months old. Ro-ann and Gerald, Geo’s family, started a family young. They already knew during their routine ultrasound that their baby had a Unilateral Complete Cleft Condition. Ro-ann was convinced that her bleeding incident when she was seven months pregnant was the cause of her son’s condition. However, they eventually found out that Geo inherited his cleft from his father’s side of the family.


Geo was breastfed for two months, then switched to bottle-feeding because Ro-ann had a wound on her breast and feared that her baby might be able to take it. Ro-ann dedicates herself to caring for her son while Gerald works as an airconditioning repairman and earns up to 1,500 pesos per week ($ 27.16). Since they are still minors, the couple lives separately, but Gerald does his best to visit Geo and give him all the care he needs. 


Their neighboring kids sometimes comment about his baby’s cleft, and Ro-ann does her best to make the children understand his son’s condition. In June 2023, Geo underwent successful cleft lip surgery through Operation Rainbow Australia and the Kiwanis Club of Cebu at Visayas Medical Hospital. Now, Geo and his family are waiting for his cleft palate surgery in June 2024.


Your support can help Geo receive the surgery he needs to thrive and reach his full potential. Let's come together and make a positive impact on Geo's life.



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