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Age: 2

Condition: Cleft Palate


Nettan was born with a unilateral complete cleft lip and palate. He is the only child of 2 loving parents. Nettan’s father is a construction worker with a salary of about $5/day and has had trouble finding regular work since the start of the pandemic. Due to financial difficulties, the family lives with Nettan’s grandmother.

The family is well aware of the challenges faced by children with a cleft; they hope Nettan can have surgery while he is young to have a normal childhood. When they heard about Abounding in Love from a neighbor, they finally had a glimmer of hope.


Despite his tender age, Nettan's joyful disposition has won him many friends, and he eagerly lends a hand to his mother, displaying a helpful nature beyond his years. His recent success in passing the screening for cleft lip surgery during the June 2023 medical mission with Operation Rainbow Australia and the Kiwanis Club of Cebu marks a significant milestone in his journey towards a brighter and healthier future, with expectations for further surgical interventions to address his cleft palate this June 2024.

Your donation would cover all of the expenses, relieving the family of any financial burden. This small gesture could protect him from the stigma that is unfairly attached to cleft children in the Philippines.

  • Recognition

    Note: For your privacy, all sponsors are anonymous by default; however, we would love to give credit where it’s due! If you or the organization you represent would like recognition for your donation, please leave a note at checkout or send us a message.

  • List Changes

    Please be aware that the children enrolled in medical missions always have the possibility of changing. It is not uncommon for children to be deemed ineligible for surgery due to other health issues. If this occurs with a child you are sponsoring, we will substitute another child in their place and notify you via email.

  • Digital Download

    Sponsors will receive a download link after checking out. This is just a simple thank you letter with a picture of your sponsee.

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