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Age: 1

Condition: Cleft Lip


Abounding in Love Foundation aims to provide assistance to Rhiana. She has a twin sibling, Adriana, both of them born with cleft conditions. Their parents, Lovely and Juvier, are facing financial difficulties as Juvier's income as a fisherman is insufficient. They often rely on additional carpenter jobs to make ends meet, earning around 200 pesos ($4) daily. The family does not have their own home and currently lives with Juvier's parents.


Lovely struggles to breastfeed the twins due to their cleft conditions, resulting in the need for bottle feeding. Despite these challenges, the family loves their children deeply. Abounding in Love Foundation is a charity that is dedicated to supporting the twins and ensuring they receive the necessary surgeries for their cleft conditions, allowing them to have a brighter future with God's guidance.


Adriana underwent cleft surgery successfully after being deemed eligible during the screening process facilitated by Abounding in Love in collaboration with Operation Smile in September 2023. However, Rhiana was unable to qualify due to anemia. Currently, Rhiana is scheduled for the forthcoming Operation Rainbow Medical Mission set for June 2024.


With your support, you can help Rhiana receive the surgery she needs to thrive and reach her full potential. Let's come together and make a positive impact on Rhiana's life.

  • Note

    For your privacy, all sponsors are anonymous by default; however, we would love to give credit where it’s due! If you or the organization you represent would like recognition for your donation, please leave a note at checkout or send us a message.

  • List Changes

    Please be aware that the children enrolled in medical missions always have the possibility of changing. It is not uncommon for children to be deemed ineligible for surgery due to other health issues. If this occurs with a child you are sponsoring, we will substitute another child in their place and notify you via email.

  • Digital Download

    Sponsors will receive a download link after checking out. This is just a simple thank you letter with a picture of your sponsee.

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