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The Agullo House Project


In the Philippines, it’s quite common to find large families living in small houses. The Agullo family’s living situation, however, was considerably more extreme. 18 different people (spanning 3 generations) were sharing one tiny house! It measured just 65” tall and was constructed mostly from used materials. Lack of space wasn’t the only issue, though. The large family didn’t even have a single bathroom. Also, because of the roof's poor condition, it was almost impossible to stay dry when it rained.

Times have been hard for everyone during the pandemic, the Agullos were no exception. Nelson, the head of the household, is a fruit vendor. His income, which was already very low, dropped off considerably due to burdensome laws/regulations as well as health problems. The other adults in the family have also found it increasingly difficult to maintain a permanent income source. On a good day, they might be lucky enough to land a temporary construction or delivery job, but the pay is low and the opportunities are infrequent.

For the Agullos, building a new house was nothing short of an impossibility. Their top priority was putting food on the table…and even that was a challenge. They were in desperate need of a miracle, no doubt about it.

The Project

After hearing about their situation, Abounding in Love visited the Agullo family. It was immediately clear that we had the opportunity to do something special here. The response from our team was unanimous: this would be our next project. A few days later, we drafted the plans for a complete overhaul of their current home.

Blueprint, planned structure of the house to be built for a poor family in the Philippines.

It ended up being one of the most extensive construction projects we’ve ever undertaken. Increasing the square footage was critical, but the lot was too small to allow for any ground-level extensions to the home. There was nowhere to go but UP! We decided to build a second level with 3 individual bedrooms and a balcony. Other important renovations included major repairs to the foundation and walls, a new roof, and a bathroom on the ground level.

Home Sweet Home

In October 2020, after weeks of hard work, our task was complete. The former 65” shack had been transformed into a formidable 18-foot, 2-story home. Everyone now has a comfortable place to sleep, a bathroom, and no concerns about flooding during the rainy season. As a bonus, they no longer have to duck their heads to walk in the front door!

While reflecting on the experience, Nelson Agullo said, “I am hoping Abounding in Love can help many people, not just us.” We couldn’t agree more. There are countless people in need, hungry and homeless families, children with unrepaired cleft lip and palate…and we want every single one of them on our list! Sure, it might be an impossible task, but that doesn’t excuse us from trying. Our team may be small, but the door is wide open; we truly hope that you’ll be a part of it. Click Here to learn about ways you can get involved.


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